Friday, 24 March 2017


I've always loved experimenting with style - I have many bad outfits to my name but I'm proud of them. They helped me to develop my own personal style, and although I've gravitated towards minimal pieces over the years, I still love to play around with textures and tones. 

I became obsessed with accessories in my teenage years. I would stack dozens of bracelets on my arms and no finger would be seen without a ring. My family would all laugh at how many I wore, but my mum would still always randomly surprise me with another bracelet to add to my collection. I'm so thankful that regardless of how questionable some of my outfit choices were,  my mum gave me the freedom to find my own style.  

My mum has always encouraged me to embrace who I am, and my style has always reflected that. She taught me to be true to who I am, and my style has grown with me. I've become acquainted to an extremely minimal and monochrome approach to my style over the years. I focus on the small details and finishing touches and I love finding gems that are understated yet unique.  

My life is very fashion focused, from my job to my lifestyle but there's nothing I love more than being able to throw on a super chill outfit and hang out with my family and friends. I've attached myself to my latest additions from PANDORA  I can dress them up or down and it's got the right amount of sparkle to be able to pair with anything. So whenever I'm wearing one of my more comfortable outfits, I'm still able to express myself through my jewellery.  

This year, PANDORA have launched their #DO campaign and it's truly inspired me to embrace, celebrate, love and give back. Being able to share this whole experience with my mum has been so meaningful, I love sharing this side of my life with her - she's the reason I'm writing this post 

When I look down at my hand and see my Love Knot Ring, it reminds me of everything I've mentioned through these posts. There's beauty in giving back to the people we love, my mum is my best friend and our matching Love Knot Rings is my open letter to her.  

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