Friday 17 March 2017


With International Women's day passing, and Mother's day approaching - I'm left looking back at my childhood, and the moments that brought me to who and where I am today. I'm thankful everyday for what I've achieved over the years - from graduating, to getting my first job. However, it's not these moments that stand out to me, nor are they the moments that truly make my heart smile. 

Life is made up of hundreds of tiny moments, that at the time pass us by but as we grow remain close to our hearts and define who we are. It's holding my grandma's hand as she crossed the road, the first time my mum did my makeup for me, or when my cousins and I would spend all of our pocket money on penny sweets. When I think of my Grandmother, I always remember her jewellery. She would never be seen without her complete set and I was always in admiration of the way she'd arrange them perfectly as soon as a camera was on her, or before we went out. Her jewellery was her signature, and this sparked my fascination with accessories. 

As I grow, my style does and along with it, my choice of accessories. I find myself reaching for the same few pieces that are both personal and versatile. There is something so beautiful about gifting and being gifted jewellery, it's a special and unique moment that make those pieces that much more meaningful. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, or in this case - my wrist and my fingers. The pieces I'm wearing from PANDORA are not only meaningful because my Mother and I have a matching set, or because we selected them together - but also because of the values that PANDORA instil throughout their collections. 

When I was browsing for my Mothers gift, I was instantly drawn to the Dedication charm. My Mother has dedicated her life to making me and my sister the women that we are today, she has taught me to value myself, to see the beauty in small things and to strive to accomplish nothing short of what I'm capable of. So what may look like a lovely piece of jewellery to you, is actually a representation of the relationship and moments that we share.

It's the small details that count, and those moments I shared with my Grandmother, I now find myself sharing with my two year old niece. I can never get bored of seeing her in awe of jewellery and insist on trying everything on. It truly amazes me how something so small can be so precious and hold so much sentiment. I guess it's true, the best things do come in small boxes.

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  1. Your photography is absolutely stunning, this was lovely to read <3

    X Emma |

  2. Aww this is such a lovely post!


  3. really enjoyed reading this more personal post from you, Hannah! Hope there are more to come! (beautiful photos too!) x

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