Monday, 29 September 2014

Check mate

SO. It's official, I've found my Autumn coat, you can check that off the list (haha). Thanks to the awesome Urban Outfitters, I bagged myself this coat that I'd had my eyes on for a while. It's the perfect Autumn print, will Plaid ever be non-Autumny? It's just a classic, and what's better? IT'S MONOCHROME. I got real lucky with this one guys. It's the right thickness to layer under (without looking like Joey wearing all of Chandlers clothes) but also warm enough to wear with a light jumper or tee, before the iceberg weather hits us.

and… another pair of black shoes to add to the collection. These heels I picked up from UO, perfect for a casual day (call me crazy). I'm more of a flats kinda gal, but we all need a good day-time heel, and for me these are it. Chunky, closed-toe and black. It really is that simple. Now can we all give me props for that super squat whilst taking the shoe pictures, for a girl who's idea of exercise is walking up the stairs. I need an award of some sort, or a B+ for effort (1/100 wasn't blurry).

How are all you doing on your A/W coat hunt?



  1. You look gorgeous as usual ! Love the coat, I want one like that as well. Your shoes are so faaaab !!


  2. i loooove your boots, they're gorgeous ! and your coat is just perfect for autumn x


  3. love the coat! and the shoes are stunning as well!
    i have yet to find a good winter coat for this year, but i think i found the perfect cardigan the other day! can't wait to style it and wear it out when it gets a bit cooler here ^-^.

  4. Love the coat!

  5. Love this outfit! Defo something I would wear!!

  6. That coat is so gorgeous
    S xx

  7. So cute and chic! What bag is that, BTW?

  8. I love that coat! You look gorgeous!


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