Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Ever Changing Ghost

Hey Belles, quite a different from me today! I've been decorating my room and still waiting on some bits and bobs (One being a mirror!!), I ordered this 'Ghost Chair' last week and I am well and truly in love with it. So much that I've dedicated a whole post to it! You can buy the original Phillippe Starck Louis Ghost chair at John Lewis, or I've seen tons and tons of replicas flying around at a more reasonable price. This chair adds a modern flair to my room, as well as being pretty darn cool... Well it is called a Ghost Chair! As soon as my room is complete I shall blog about it all, as I'm rather chuffed (to say the least) with the result! 

Hope you guys liked this post
Hugs and Love



  1. Such a gorgeous modern chair!
    Looking at the interior of your room from these posts and others i've been thinking to do mine!!
    Can't wait to see the finished job
    S xx

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  3. This is such a cool chair!


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