Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bright and White

Top - Topshop (Link here)
Blazer - REISS (Nabbed in a sale, can't find it anywhere!)
Trousers - Topshop (Link here)
Shoes - Topshop (Link here)
Lips - Illamasqua Salacious

Hey guys, I mentioned a few posts ago that I was decorating my room, and it's finally done! I have a few bits and bobs to still put in, but it feels amazing to have a bedroom that I actually love! I'll be sure to blog about the final result as soon as everything is complete. Anyways heres a quick OOTD for you guys! Super bright photos, but in an all white room what other results could you get? ;)

Hope you guys liked this post!
Hugs and Love



  1. Love the way your room is looking!!
    And your outfit is gorgeous as always
    S xx

  2. Your blog is amazing! I just found it and had to follow, you honestly deserve way more readers!


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